Experience The Serenity Of Life

‘Yoga’ is a union of external ‘YOU’ with ‘YOU’ in the soul. Yoga is the holistic science that offers the feeling of a union of oneself with the universe. Yoga – pure and complete program that balances your mind, body, and surrounding. It is the ancient approach to attain good health and well-being. It creates and maintains rhythm between your body and divine nature. 

The yoga center at Deham provides a supportive environment with artificial fountains and the statue of Buddha. Such a pleasant and calm surrounding cherishes your mind and rejoices the soul. Water fountain, a statue of Buddha, and a serene environment hold the best healing power.

Deham ensures to fulfill health and well-being objectives during your stay. You will experience the newfound peace and confidence after performing a series of yoga postures and techniques at Deham. We offer yoga sessions based on conventional methods to match individual needs.

Along with Yoga, Deham also offers ‘Meditation’ form of complete transformation. 

Meditation is a spiritual path to bring transformation in mind. Also, it nourishes the mind and creates a transformative effect. 

We have specially designed and developed rock theme to give you an experience of the more conventional and ancient meditation process. 

The neem tree eliminates the toxins from your body and cleanses it. Also, it keeps the surrounding healthy and hence by considering this magical power, Deham has planted several neem trees. A calm and peaceful environment at Deham supports you in concentrating, attain clarity, positivity, and emotional stability.
We use more engaging meditation practices to cultivate new and positive ways of well-being. 

Experts at Deham guide you to attain a complete restoration of body and soul. Our trained Yoga Instructors
help you in exploring and experiencing multiple asana, pranayama, shatkarma, and mudra.

Yoga and Meditation at Deham

  • Yogasana
  • Kundalini
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Yog Nidra
  • Power Yoga
  • Aquatic Yoga