Mud Therapy

Mud is one of the most impacting resources of nature consist of organic and inorganic elements. Our body, quickly, interacts with the soil and other biological and geographical factors. 

Mud therapy is a simple and most effective form of naturopathy treatment that helps the body in improving sickness and health conditions. Deham offers various mud therapies, including direct application and other is in the form of packs. 

Mud therapy works well in treating various diseases like rheumatic disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, gynecological, neurological, and cardiovascular conditions as well. 

Also, it is a way to exfoliate toxins from the body, retain moisture level and keep the body cool for a long time. Also, therapy activates glands, enzymes, and hormonal system effectively.

Types of treatments

  • Full body wrap
  • Packs
  • Therapeutic wraps
Mud Therapy


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